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Frontend Engineer Resume/CV

About Me

I am a front and backend web developer striving to make websites as intuitive as possible. My favorite line from the Zen of Python is "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."


June 2019 - Present
Staff Frontend Engineer
Started an Enterprise Cypress initiative which prevented incidents and increased stability. Created curriculum and led a Typescript training session. Successfully pushed my team to use new technology (Typescript, React hooks). Created a tool to auto generate typed fetchers for other FEs. DRI for various team projects: wrote RFCs, helped with staffing and implemented features. Created a CSS linter to prevent a recurring issue. Mentored other frontend engineers.
June 2015 - 2019
Frontend Architect
As a Frontend Engineer at Quantifind I work closely with the rest of the FE team to "build products on the cutting edge of usability, interaction, and design". I implemented designs from Quantifind's graphic designers in a performance oriented, Node.js based, isomorphic dev stack. I also work closely with the backend team to provide API specs and more to get the data that the frontend displays.
2015 - Present
Open Source Developer
I have been involved with Mezzanine (a great Django CMS) since 2010. In 2015 a core team was started and I was invited to join. Core team members help triage tickets, develop new features and guide the community. My biggest contribution has been assisting others on the Mezzanine mailing list. Only the author of Mezzanine has contributed more questions/answers to the mailing list than I have.
2012 - Present
Web Developer/Owner
Since 2012 I have been doing freelance web development. I take people's designs and make them a reality. My day to day includes converting PSDs, InDesign or Illustrator files into HTML/CSS. I typically then integrate the HTML/CSS with Mezzanine, a Django based CMS. During that integration I develop any additional backend functionality needed using Python. While working at Bit of Pixels I have managed various sub contractors who have helped on some projects.
June 2012 - May 2015
Lead Full Stack Engineer
As the lead developer at Raindrop Marketing I oversaw all things relating to development of our numerous clients' websites. During my tenure at Raindrop we built sites for the Coronado School District, the San Diego Symphony and more. Sites ranged from simple brochureware type sites to complex e-commerce platforms.
Mips Computation
2010 - 2012
Web Engineer
Mips Computation creates and maintains a variety of Django based websites. While there I was in charge of all of the web development. Some highlights were creating a CRM solution for a large charity and developing a dating website. At Mips I learned Python and Javscript and continued developing my HTML and CSS skills.

Project Highlights
2014 - 2017
Charged with developing, I came up with a method to use Pjax with Mezzanine allowing for beautiful page transitions. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out the best way to run javascript since the page does not reload with each new page visited.
Oxfam America
Oxfam hired me to create a calendar for their new Mezzanine based website. I worked with their internal developers and provided insight into how to better leverage Mezzanine in other parts of their website.
2013 - Present
I created and maintain MEZZaTHEME the only site that sells themes for Mezzanine. I developed all the e-commerce functionality, notably restricting downloads to purchasers and only allowing them a limited number of downloads.
Coronado Unified School District
As a subcontractor for Raindrop Marketing I developed all the websites for the Coronado Unified School District. This included extending Mezzanine to allow sharing content (blog posts and events) between multiple domains that were all powered by the same Mezzanine instance. I also extended Mezzanine to better allow each site to have it's own design by selecting templates based on the domain name.
CRM Development
While working for Mips Computation I developed a Django based CRM for use by a number of Mips' non profit clients.


  • 10-11

    Photography Intern

    I did a part-time internship at Bauman Photography where I explored the professional side of photography, helped shoot numerous weddings and continued to develop my photography/editing skills. Aperuture, ISO, focal distance and more became regular parts of my vocabulary.

  • 2010

    UC San Diego Graduate, BS Cognitive Science

    I started out as a computer science major but decided to switch to cognitive science. Within cognitive science I specialized in human computer interaction. A big focus of cognitive science and HCI is thinking about how people think to make computer interfaces intuitive. I completed a research course looking into user interaction with large displays and developed an iOS touchpad interface to allow a mouse cursor to quickly move around a large display.

  • 2010

    UC San Diego Graduate, minor in photography

    I've always enjoyed photography and continued developing a passion for it while learning more about the technical aspects of photography.

  • 08-09

    Graphic/Web Design Intern

    I completed an internship at Flood Church in San Diego. While there I worked on various graphic projects and made updates to their website, including skinning their Wordpress blog to more closely match the rest of their branding.

  • 2008

    Web Engineer Apprentice

    I worked at Mips Computation on various website projects. During this time I began to learn Django and started becoming more comfortable with HTML and CSS.




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